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Hi and thanks for your interest in PT Today.

Following on from January and now we are finally getting ourselves back into the swing of things, we wanted to give you, or wonderful readers a 2019 offer that’s not to be missed. For the month of February, we are offering all readers the option to get 12 issues of PT Today for the price of 8. Saving you a rather hansom £15.76 in the process. Not only that but you get to receive every issue of PT for 2019 ensuring you can keep on the forefront of all the fitness news that you could ever want.

You will get access to exclusive offers from PT Today and our partners, training courses, equipment, apparel, holidays and on top of that get to keep up to date with what we put our commercial director Daren through on a monthly bases. Trust us its only going to get more fun and slightly more brutal as the months go on… ahah. Well its good to keep people on their toes and he did say he likes a challenge!!

** The fun stuff**

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